Raw Wood Slices

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I am OBSESSED with these!  During the summer I procured a old dead log.  My dad is fearless with a chainsaw so I hit him up and explained to him that I was wanting several wood slices out of this log.  We teamed up and I held the log…(not recommended) and he sliced the stump into thin cuts with the chain saw.  He did such a good job there was little sanding required to get a nice surface to work with.  I used some of the slices for some center pieces for my sister in laws wedding and the rest of them I have had lying around in the garage.  I finished this one today with a little paint and flowers made from paper and fabric tidbits that I had lying around.  Loved the finished result.

  1. Black and white paint.  I used paper washi tape to stripe off the colors.  I started with solid black then added white stripes.
  2. I made several coordinating flowers out of fabric and paper.  Basically I just use a glue gun and start twisting and folding the paper or fabric in spirals and gluing as I go in random spots.  It makes fabulous rustic looking flowers.
  3. I added some plastic molded flowers to give it some texture and dimension.
  4. Prior to adhering the flowers I freehanded an “L” for my last name and now its sitting on my bathroom vanity.


  1. You did an AMAZING job on all the stuff you did for my wedding!!! Thanks again sis!!! You are super talented in everything you do!!! ❤️

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