Cook Top Stainless Steel OCD?

Oven range

Lifesavor!!! Stainless steel cover










Are you obsessive compulsive on keeping your stove top stainless steel spotless?

Meeeee Toooooo!  Oh my goodness I think I spend half of my life cleaning the stainless steel on my range.  If it looks dirty I feel like my whole house is a total death pit.

I started racking my brain regarding this issue.  I cook bacon like twice a day, so it is nearly impossible to keep splatters off of my stainless steel, knobs, and oven door.  You totally know what I am talking about if you cook breakfast for your family.  The first meal of the day will ruin your kitchen appearance for the ENTIRE day.  If you are like me, you are sprinting in the morning.  We have the kids clothes, the hair meltdowns, the idontwannas so there is not a lot of time to clean in between the gym and work. So after you have totally bacon splattered everything in a 5 mile radius and you have to get the kids off to school and get yourself to work I find myself having to compromise and leave myself a dirty kitchen to clean when I get home from work.  NOT COOL.

So, I thought how……how, can I save myself all of this craziness and my poor husband’s sanity because he has to hear it from me if I feel like the house is disorganized?  Well, I made myself a oven splatter barrier.  YES!  It was so super easy and I am going to show you how I did it.  It took me less than 20 minutes and I cannot believe I haven’t thought of this sooner.



  1. Preferred Fabric
  2. Magnets
  3. Thread and needle, or no sew bonding, or for advanced people you may already have a sewing machine.  ( I am not a sewer but I do have a sewing machine.  VERY basic skills and knowledge with this)  I can sew straight lines barely which was actually perfect for this project.
  4. (optional) decore for the front hem.  Lace, buttons, I used an iron on-adhesive backed lace.



  1.  Measure the length of the top of your oven range.  Mine was 29 in and some change.  I wanted to keep some room for a pretty forgiving hem so I cut at 32 inches.  I cut the material and the length will vary.  I used some scrap material so I took what I had.  You may want to make yours longer or shorter.
  2. You must have a larger hem for the top of the cover, so the magnets will fit. (take that into consideration)
  3. I ironed my material, folded all of my sides and then ironed them down for sewing.

    This is the ironed image with the sides prepped for hem

    4.  I sewed all the edges with the exception of the top that would hold the magnets.  If your using no sew bond, you would do the exact same thing but use the iron.  Once I finished the bottom and the sides, I used about 8 1/2 inch round magnets.  I hot glued them to the positions that I wanted then to sit in.  Then, I finished the hem of the top that encased the magnets.

    5.  Last step was to add my lace to the front, my hem was not perfect so I wanted to hide that with the pretty lace.  Like I said, not a professional seamstress!

Whoala!!!  I am so excited!  Enjoy.

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