DIY Wood Stove Shelf


DIY stained wood

Dark Walnut Stain on 2X6

DIY Stained Wood Stove Shelf

This week’s DIY stained wood stove shelf is piggybacking off of last weeks post just a tad.  Been a bit preoccupied with my oven here lately, but I had one more project up my sleeve and I think that I can move on now that it is completed!

We cook a lot, and I am always out of room when I get everything I need organized.  I wanted a space where I could readily have ingredients, spices and a place to set my prep bowls in close proximity to my cook top. The top of my oven is not large enough to set items on top or they accidently end up in my skillet..not good so I decided to do something about it!  I went to Home Depot and bought a 2X6 wood board and some stain.  I used Minwax Dark Walnut, I love the dark stains.  Dark stains are absolutely perfect when you see the end result, it is so rich and covers perfectly.  It doesn’t even look like the original board.

Cutting and Measuring

In this post I  did not want to get specific on the measurements since everyone will have a different measurement but I did make the sides very snug to the top board to enclose the top of the oven with the shelf.  A tight fit looked best and I wanted it to be tight.  THIS IS THE EASIEST PROJECT EVER!  I used a miter saw with laser guide, it easily made clean cuts.  Once I got the wood set up after the cuts I ended up taking about an inch more off the side of the top board to ensure the snug fit that I wanted.


Next I stained the wood with the Dark Walnut Stain.  I used an old dish towel and a pair of gloves to rub the stain directly onto the wood.  I wish I would have taken a picture of my stain before I used it.  I got a little crazy with the stain so whoopsie! You get the point though hopefully.

DIY stained wood

Dark Walnut Stain

This is what it looks like in the packaging, minus all the overflow that I dripped down the side!  I let the stain set for about 6 hours.  At that point you could seal it or wax it.  I like to use finishing wax and Minwax has a really good finishing wax as well.  You rub it on then buff it out.  You can also just leave it as is, it will smell a little chemically for awhile but it disapates quickly.


Finishing and Details

Once the stain dried I used screws to attach the wood together from the top piece of wood.  I did pre-drill the holes since I was using a cheaper cut of wood I didn’t want the boards to split after all the work!  It turned out great and is super functional.

Stained Wood Oven Shelf

unfinished raw wood. This was after the cut was made to make sure it fit the oven.

DIY stained wood

Finished Stained over the stove shelf

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