4 Things I did with my Cricut this Week

Vinyl projects

Vinyl lettering on cups

Personalized cups

4 easy things that I used my Cricut machine for this weekend! I hear people say so often that they have a Cricut but….. its still in the box.  “I do not know how to use it, or do not have time to use it.  People, I am super busy and find 5-10 minutes here and there to get it done. It is so not complicated.  I use my Cricut constantly, so I want to give you a few ideas of what I did this week. Each project took me less than 10 minutes.

Creating or choosing your image

The hard part is if you do not have an image or design in mind.  If you have to upload your own image, that usually takes a little longer to search for inspiration or create an image from scratch.  Side Note: I need to do a post on creating images because that is something that seems very complicated but Design Space makes it straight forward.

One bonus for using the Cricut is that it has an APPLICATION that is phone and iPad friendly. You can create ANYTHING you want on the go and then when you have a free moment you can cut your designs or images out.  I will seriously have 4-5 projects ready to go at a time. It saves a ton of time and I can multi-task while getting my oil changed.

Tumbler and coffee cup

The “Goal Digger” coffee or tea cup is one of my go-to templates.  I have it on several of my personal cups and I use that one a lot.  It is already an uploaded design that I created a couple of years ago, but I still use it and love it.

I had to monogram my new blue tumbler that my children so thoughtfully picked me out for Mother’s Day today in turquoise, my favorite color!

The Cricut cuts whatever image out that you want to use and then you just remove the vinyl from around the image.  I use transfer tape and cover the image then pull it off of the backing with the transfer tape.  The gridlines on the tape guide you to a straight placement then I adhere it to my project.  Give it a couple of rubs and pull the transfer tape off, the image will stay behind on your desired surface.  It seriously is that simple.

Vinyl Dog T-shirt

Donut kill my vibe dog decal

Puppy T-Shirt

My puppy seriously needed this shirt, this donut and decal was pre-fabricated in design space so I just chose it and cut it into black heat transfer vinyl. I have a heat press by Fancier Studio’s but an iron works just fine too.  She’s been rocking it all day and she’s my mascot now!

Cricut vinyl

Gymnastic Team Gift

Team Gifts

I busted these out on Monday night when I got home from work.  My friends daughter is on a gymnastics team and its time for team gifts before competition.  She asked me if I could do the girls names on the water bottles.  This took me no time at all because she sent me the roster in advance so I already typed all the names out into my workspace and chose the fonts.  When the bottles came in, all I had to do was cut and attach the names to the bottles.  Super professional outcome in little time and super cheap.

Ive always been a huge advocate for Cricut and I have had every generation of the machine with the exception that I have not bought the maker yet that has just came out. Not because I am not obsessed but I really do not sew a lot, but it does have a faster cutting speed and rotary blade and a few other perks so it may be up in my craft room soon.

Hope this post shows the ease and usefulness of dusting off that box and giving it a try.




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