DIY Mini Scrapbook

DIY Mini-Scrapbook

DIY Mini Scrapbook

DIY Mini Scrapbook

Okay people, I am about to blow your mind!  This 5X6 mini scrapbook was created for less than a few bucks.  Yes! Super personal and very easy to replicate.  Whether you are looking for a handmade gift or just trying to make cute photo books from your vacation, (yes, I am still working on Disney from last summer)this is the perfect little project that is useful!

Whatever theme you are working on, you can embellish to your liking.  I needed some more Disney space for our photos so I used this theme to demonstrate DIY Mini-Scrapbook’s!

Materials used

  1. Paper theme of choice
  2. Chipboard or backing of used paper pad’s, any thick cardboard.
  3. Preferred adhesive or tape gun
  4. Hole punch
  5. Embellishment’s or words of choice
  6. Scissors or paper cutter
  7. Circle rings, brads, or ribbon for binding

Steps to success

  1.  You want to cut your recycled backing, chipboard, or thick cardboard to the size you desire.  This is infinite, but my desired size was approximately 5×6.  It seems like the smaller these little books are their cuteness factor goes up!  Hole-Punch your chipboard on the left side, then you will use that first cover as a template for all of your filler paper and the back of your scrapbook.


    Chipboard or cardboard

  2. Covering your chipboard can be tricky, but I am going to show you an easy way to get right every time.  If you lay your chipboard, which will be the front and back of your album, directly on the paper that you are wishing to use, you can easily see what will fit evenly and perfectly.  You will trim the paper with the same margin around your entire chip-board.  You want to cut the corners off of each side of your paper evenly at every corner and this will ensure perfect corners every time.
    Chipboard paper covers

    Chipboard paper covers

    Front Cover

    Front Cover

The photo’s above show the middle cover already on and the front of the book will be the bottom color, the edges will show for this finished album.  The above example shows what 2-cuts you need to cover the front and back of the book.

3.  Once the front and back of the album are covered appropriately, then you can just use regular, thick card-stock for filler pages.  Use your original hole-punch template to mark all of your filler pages. I used approximately 12 pages and I measured them the exact same size as the front and back covers.

Finished product for front cover

Finished product for front cover

Finishing up

Lastly, select your binding.  I chose rings because some of my embellishments will be very thick so I wanted a lot of room to add things to my pages.  Using rings will allow for a lot of room and a super thick photo collage.

Embellish, design, create and scrapbook your photos onto the blank pages!  Finish out your cover and make a statement.


Easy Peasy DIY that makes you look like a pro!

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