The Digital Twenty-First Century! Shall we get with it?

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

I have always been addicted to paper. Make notes, journaling, making to-do lists ect., this is what makes me happy. I have a paper planner that goes everywhere with me. Even in this growing age of technology I cannot and probably will not ever go to a digital agenda.

I like to flip through it and notate events and meetings. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. So when I got an Apple Pencil at the beginning of the year I though I would mostly use it for hand-lettering and drawing images. Artsy things. I was super surprised that it was much more functional and incorporated into my daily really easily.

If your on the fence, then maybe by sharing my ideas with my Apple Pencil it may give you the ideas you have been looking for. The first thing I did when I unboxed my Apple Pencil was google the top applications that it was made for.

Out of the 10 or so hot apps I narrowed it down to 2. Adobe Sketch, which is a free application and is more than sufficent in providing a good platform to create lists, journal pages, and note pads. The second application that I quickly fell in love with was Procreate. It was 9.99, and it is my favorite, I use this app for all of my work now. I am sure it boils down to preference, but I like the usability of it and my work flows well through this app. I feel like it is user friendly and I didn’t have to ready a dictionary of information to figure it out.

So if having a plethora of ink color, pen and pencil types, markers and media at your finger tips is your jam, then this is the way to start documenting your to-do’s, to-don’ts, and much more.


  1. Pick a platform application to work out of.
  2. Find or create your templates to work with. I literally took a picture of a piece of paper and that is my favorite template I use to write on. ETSY has a vast selection of pre-made templates. They are usually a few dollars. They have diary pages, dinner menu’s, even bible study templates. Really cool stuff.
Ipad notebook paper
picture of notebook paper to use on your iPad

3. I saved this to my cloud and when I go into start a new task or list, It will give you the option to open a new blank page or use existing template. Use your existing template.

4. You can save all of your notes or memos, arrange them in stacks, email them or send them to yourself in text message form. Print them out, or just look a them on your application.

Digital Notes
Meal Prep Notes
list of Macros and grocery list for meal prep
Hand Lettering with Apple Pencil
Painting with Apple Pencil
Painting Doodles
Valentine Note
Valentine Note

These were just a few ideas of how an Apple Pencil is incorporated on the daily. This really just scratches the surface, I have many more plans and ideas. I will share as I grow and learn. If you have any amazing ideas I would love to see them. Inspiration comes in so many forms!



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