Revlon One-Step Volumizer Review & Demo

Revlon Volumizer
Blow Dry & Straightening Brush

I am sure you have noticed two in one tools making a come back. Honesty, when I first noticed them I did not pay much attention because being an 90’s child it reminded me of a crimper. The thought of another hair tool taking up space in my cabinet was not that appealing. The Revlon One-Step-Volumizer Hair Dryer did make an impression on me in an accidental kind of way.

I had a hair appointment two weeks ago and low and behold my hair dresser pulls this Revlon One-Step Volumizing Hair Dryer out and say’s lets use this to dry your hair today.

She made it look super effortless, but thats what these professionals do right? I thought that I could probably use this on my kids hair pretty easily and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So to Target I went.

This Revlon Brand styling brush was the only one they carried so it made my purchasing choice simple. I am not going to lie, I have previously checked out the New Dyson Brand that has made its way to the world. I like to stalk high end products. This was definitely a fraction of the cost compared to the 500.00 price tag the Dyson is carrying.


In preparation for this post I did some research on pricing for the Revlon Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush. Ulta & Target came in at the most expensive at 59.99. Next was Amazon and that was about 10.00-12.00 dollars cheaper and the cheapest was So if your not in a super hurry, you can get it much cheaper and wait for it to ship.

Honest Review

I do not get any financial gain for this review. This is based on my experience over the last two weeks and it is a total win. I have not only done the kids hair but I have personally used it every day last week and I will not be going back to the regular hair dryer and roll brush. It shaved at least 10 minutes off of my normal routine and my hair looks really healthy and smooth after blow drying with the Volumizer.

Pro’s vs Con’s


  1. Super fast
  2. Great Volume
  3. Holds hair to the brush effortlessly
  4. Easy to use
  5. Does what it says it does
  6. 4-year limited warranty
  7. Cheap


  1. A tad loud
  2. You have to keep it moving constantly because the heat is sufficient

7-minute Hair Video Demonstration-This is how it works.

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