I jump at the chance to experiment and create with a variety of media and tools.  It is an absolute DREAM!  I consider it one of my favorite and most efficient ways to enrich the free minutes of my life.

 If you are OBSESSED, like MEEE, with color, media and any kind of creative process or material this BLOG is for you!  I have a difficult time picking a lane to drive in so I like to try a variety of things.  Stamping, painting, paper crafting, using the Cinch, my very beloved Cricut, wood work and any thing else that I may stumble upon that catches my eye.  Being a busy working Mom and Wife I find it like a retreat to to disappear in my space for a few hours.  (Typically when everyone is in bed and I am burning the midnight oil) Regardless of how long I have to obsess over my current project, I never feel like it is long enough.  When I enter my happy place I feel like I walk through a time tunnel.  Some of you totally know what I’m talking about, Right? You look up and its 1:00 am and you came to get some ribbon.  Agggghhh those productive long nights!


My space is imperfect but I love it! Some serious brainstorming happens in here.  I have been adding to my collection of supplies and tools for years.  I strive to develop my own way of using products and creating things that are in trend.  Working with my hands is my passion.  In the past I owned my own retail space and sold many of my own creations.  Now I blog, so I am a blogger!  Professionally I work in the medical field as a Polysomnographer.  Its fun to go with the flow and follow my passion.