Magnetic Lash VLOG Tutorial

Demo on Magnetic Lashes

If you are curious about magnetic lashes, check out this quick video demonstration!



Glitter Epoxy Tumbler’s

Coffee, Wine, and Water Glitter Epoxy Tumblers
Coffee, Wine, and Water Glitter Epoxy Tumblers

Epoxy Obsession

Glitter Epoxy Tumbler’s are the bomb! I love glitter and bold colors. Personalized drink ware is super fun. What I have realized recently, is that adding smooth, crystal clear Epoxy to the mix just raised my cup game.

I have been personalizing cups with vinyl for some time. Now I am cooking with fire! I have added a few things to my arsenal and really created a fun way to make one of a kind tumblers.

Cowboy, Geode, and Glitter Tumbler
Cowboy, Geode, and Glitter Tumbler

Mixed Media Supplies

A few things were purchased to make the cup coating process easier. I also use a wide variety of supplies that I keep stocked on a normal basis to create swirls, color, pigment and finishes. Here is a list of some of the things that I use on the cups.

  • Cup Turner
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Vinyl
  • Glitter
  • Alcohol Inks
  • Locktite Spray Adhesive
  • Modpodge
  • Spray Sealer
  • Patina rub
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Electrical Tape
  • Painters Tape
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Razor Blades
  • Gloves
  • Towels/rags
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Wet/dry Sandpaper
  • 2 oz Plastic Measuring Cups
  • Small Wooden Popsickle Sticks

Info and Process

The epoxy process is lengthy. Each cup can take up to 12-14 hours or more depending on the complexity of the cup that I am making. Each round of Epoxy takes 5-7 hours to cure.

If I have a pre-ordered cup with a decal that decal is actually sealed into the cup and coated with a layer of epoxy. It can never be removed and is protected by the epoxy.

I have several cups that I have made without decals so if someone wanted that cup I can add personalization to it and either leave the decal on top for immediate delivery or add another layer of epoxy on top for a 24-48 hour pickup.

Each cup is a one of a kind, it can be reproduced with similarities and style but will never be identical. There are also small imperfections on every cup because the epoxy has a mind of its own. Most are barely noticeable, but still present with a careful eye.

Coffee, Wine, and Water Glitter Epoxy Tumblers
Coffee, Wine, and Water Glitter Epoxy Tumblers
Cowboy Glitter Tumbler
Chunky Silver, fine purple, and fine blue glitter

Care, Ordering, and Pricing

Stainless steel tumbler’s are not dishwasher safe. It breaks down the magic on the inside of the cup. Same goes with these. Hand Wash Only!

I will take any orders and give pricing on custom cups. If I think I cannot reproduce the order I would also let you know at the time of order request.

Basic cups with any finish and a decal are set pricing. Custom Cups and special requests are priced at time of order.

  • 12 OZ Vacuum Sealed Wine Glass Tumbler 30.00 (not pictured below)
  • 20 OZ Vacuum Sealed Tumbler is 35.00
  • 20 OZ Skinny Vacuum Sealed Tumbler 35.00
  • 30 OZ Vacuum Sealed Tumbler 40.00-45.00
Stainless Steel Sizes
Stainless Steel Sizes

Ordering preferably through Facebook , or Instagram @itsbobbie23. Email @

I will meet for pickup within reason or its 10.00 for shipping. I accept Venmo @Bobbie-Lambert-2, PayPal @ or cash. All custom orders must be prepaid.

A Week in the Life of a Meal Prepper.

Friday night Fun!

You have and will make the time for things that are important to you.  #TRUTHBOMB. That is a hard truth when you apply it to all aspects of your life, so let’s not do that, I’m not trying to be that deep. Today, were just going to pretend it pertains to doing good during the week and planning your meals for this post.

Like literally, every week someone asks me how I meal prep.  How do you find the time to do it?  How do you eat food that you cooked a few days before? 

It is not unfathomable and once you do it a few times, and realize it is the most convenient, awesomest thing in the entire free world, you will get it.  Yep, you will drink the Kool-Aid.  I blogged about it last year too, here is the link, if you want to see the basics. It has some really fundamental ideas and concepts.

Meal prep on the grill
Griddle Meal Prep

Every time, I hear someone say…….

I don’t have time to cook during the week.

      We have practice and have to get fast food too much.

      I eat out for lunch every day and spend my shoe money on food.

      I am getting cankles because I eat processed food.

I am like………this is me, this is my life.   When I DO NOT PLAN MY WEEK, this is my life.  Probably a little worse because I whine about it.

Then I blame my husband for making me eat something I feel is not in my game plan, but tastes pretty damn good, and probably was my idea.  

It is easy to get off track when you’re not prepared or prepped. Then I blew it during the week and my weekend just is not as fun as it could be.

That’s why I plan and prep my week. Make it simple, I prepped for an entire week on the grill at the same time and it is fail proof.

Griddle Meal Prep
Meal Prep

As you can see there is some corn on the grill. That is for an InstaPot dinner I am making in the house while we grill for the kids.

I prep for my kids too. I made them InstaPot Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes at the same time, in the same pot. 33 minutes and a 3lb meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes done to perfection. Add in the corn from the grill and they have a couple meals for the week.

I throw in a Turkey burger and veggies for them one night that I prepped for myself and then they get to pick one night for Chick file. Boom Weekly dinners done!

InstaPot Meatloaf
InstaPot Meatloaf
InstaPot Mashed Potatoes
InstaPot Mashed Potatoes

No Meal Prep Friday’s or Saturdays.  This is why I am not a size 0.  I do what I want on the weekends. I’m kind of a rebel like that.  I have reserve of course because there’s some decisions you cannot come back from, but for the most part I try to act like a normal person on the weekends :). 

RECAP: I Insta-potted a 3lb turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes at the same time, we have corn on the cob, 12-Turkey burger patties and my HUGE pile of veggies grilling away. You got to multi-task. I drink the wine and I do the things.

Hope this gives you some ideas because the possibilities are endless!

Happy Sunday,



Revlon One-Step Volumizer Review & Demo

Revlon Volumizer
Blow Dry & Straightening Brush

I am sure you have noticed two in one tools making a come back. Honesty, when I first noticed them I did not pay much attention because being an 90’s child it reminded me of a crimper. The thought of another hair tool taking up space in my cabinet was not that appealing. The Revlon One-Step-Volumizer Hair Dryer did make an impression on me in an accidental kind of way.

I had a hair appointment two weeks ago and low and behold my hair dresser pulls this Revlon One-Step Volumizing Hair Dryer out and say’s lets use this to dry your hair today.

She made it look super effortless, but thats what these professionals do right? I thought that I could probably use this on my kids hair pretty easily and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So to Target I went.

This Revlon Brand styling brush was the only one they carried so it made my purchasing choice simple. I am not going to lie, I have previously checked out the New Dyson Brand that has made its way to the world. I like to stalk high end products. This was definitely a fraction of the cost compared to the 500.00 price tag the Dyson is carrying.


In preparation for this post I did some research on pricing for the Revlon Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush. Ulta & Target came in at the most expensive at 59.99. Next was Amazon and that was about 10.00-12.00 dollars cheaper and the cheapest was So if your not in a super hurry, you can get it much cheaper and wait for it to ship.

Honest Review

I do not get any financial gain for this review. This is based on my experience over the last two weeks and it is a total win. I have not only done the kids hair but I have personally used it every day last week and I will not be going back to the regular hair dryer and roll brush. It shaved at least 10 minutes off of my normal routine and my hair looks really healthy and smooth after blow drying with the Volumizer.

Pro’s vs Con’s


  1. Super fast
  2. Great Volume
  3. Holds hair to the brush effortlessly
  4. Easy to use
  5. Does what it says it does
  6. 4-year limited warranty
  7. Cheap


  1. A tad loud
  2. You have to keep it moving constantly because the heat is sufficient

7-minute Hair Video Demonstration-This is how it works.

The Digital Twenty-First Century! Shall we get with it?

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

I have always been addicted to paper. Make notes, journaling, making to-do lists ect., this is what makes me happy. I have a paper planner that goes everywhere with me. Even in this growing age of technology I cannot and probably will not ever go to a digital agenda.

I like to flip through it and notate events and meetings. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. So when I got an Apple Pencil at the beginning of the year I though I would mostly use it for hand-lettering and drawing images. Artsy things. I was super surprised that it was much more functional and incorporated into my daily really easily.

If your on the fence, then maybe by sharing my ideas with my Apple Pencil it may give you the ideas you have been looking for. The first thing I did when I unboxed my Apple Pencil was google the top applications that it was made for.

Out of the 10 or so hot apps I narrowed it down to 2. Adobe Sketch, which is a free application and is more than sufficent in providing a good platform to create lists, journal pages, and note pads. The second application that I quickly fell in love with was Procreate. It was 9.99, and it is my favorite, I use this app for all of my work now. I am sure it boils down to preference, but I like the usability of it and my work flows well through this app. I feel like it is user friendly and I didn’t have to ready a dictionary of information to figure it out.

So if having a plethora of ink color, pen and pencil types, markers and media at your finger tips is your jam, then this is the way to start documenting your to-do’s, to-don’ts, and much more.


  1. Pick a platform application to work out of.
  2. Find or create your templates to work with. I literally took a picture of a piece of paper and that is my favorite template I use to write on. ETSY has a vast selection of pre-made templates. They are usually a few dollars. They have diary pages, dinner menu’s, even bible study templates. Really cool stuff.
Ipad notebook paper
picture of notebook paper to use on your iPad

3. I saved this to my cloud and when I go into start a new task or list, It will give you the option to open a new blank page or use existing template. Use your existing template.

4. You can save all of your notes or memos, arrange them in stacks, email them or send them to yourself in text message form. Print them out, or just look a them on your application.

Digital Notes
Meal Prep Notes
list of Macros and grocery list for meal prep
Hand Lettering with Apple Pencil
Painting with Apple Pencil
Painting Doodles
Valentine Note
Valentine Note

These were just a few ideas of how an Apple Pencil is incorporated on the daily. This really just scratches the surface, I have many more plans and ideas. I will share as I grow and learn. If you have any amazing ideas I would love to see them. Inspiration comes in so many forms!



Handmade Valentine Treat Bag’s

Valentine Treat Bag
Heart & Scalloped Valentine Treat Bags

This post is for all my Mama’s out there that aren’t so crafty! Don’t have a Cricut, and don’t want one either. Hey, its not for everyone. I’m going to give y’all Mama’s a cheap, cute, and super easy opt out option for this Valentines Day. Everything listed was done completely by hand, no cheating with a cricut or anything that is not listed below. So here is the list and directions.


  1. Brown Paper Sacks (Common, you know you bought an entire pack last month cause somebody needed a throw-away lunch for a field trip)
  2. Scissors (They can totally be last years school round tipped fiskars okay)
  3. Marker (Preferably, Valentine colored but whatever color works)
  4. Small ribbon or twine (sandwich twist ties, rubber bands??)
  5. An Adornment of some sort (I just used a heart themed stamp on colored paper and cut it out by hand)
goodie bag
Option 1 and 2 Template


Step 1. Decide which bag you want to make. Scalloped edge does take the talent of being able to cut half circles. You can see I drew it out so all you have to do is trace it. The heart is super cute as well, less cutting.

Step 2. Once you get your bag cut, take your marker and trace your cut line so it stands out. If you choose the scalloped edge you have to trace the back of the bags edge so when it folds over the color is on the front.

Step 3. Tie your heart or fold your scalloped edge.

Step 4. Leave simple and elegant or add a Valentine sentiment. The foam sticky hearts work too, or just Valentine stickers.

BOOM! Handmade greatness for cheap and makes you look like you know what your doing. Total pro job.

Happy Valentines!



Cricut Maker Projects

I’M BAAAAAACK!! The last few months have been a tad bit hectic.  I have not had a platform to express my creativity.  So I have had a lot of thought processes and additionally extra time to think and I am ready to unleash it all.  Looking forward to putting some new content out there and today is the day!

My wonderful husband be-gifted me the coveted CRICUT MAKER for Christmas.  We have been in the process of moving so unfortunately, I have been staring at the box for a couple of months.  NOT FUN! Torture is probably a more accurate description!

I opened the box last weekend and I wanted to share with you the first few projects that I created. Ready made projects from design space were super attractive.  I still did not have a ton of time at my disposal and I literally could not wait one more second to test it out.  So there are no tutorials or processes that I am going to share today.  These projects I chose were 100% step by step prompted by Cricut Design Space.

After getting started, I was not disappointed.  It was everything I thought it would be, plus more. Having owned two Cricut machine prior to unboxing this amazing new Cricut Maker.  There was a few differences compared to the Cricut Explore 2.  Its faster, it has amazing new accesorie blades.  The rotary cutter is a game changer.  The double and single scoring wheels are completely awesome. I have not tried out my new knife blade yet, but you can be sure there will be posts to follow featuring that blade.

Rosette Gift Box

Pretty gift box

Homemade gift box from Cricut Design Space

I used the double and single scoring wheel to make this box.  The rosette on top, was the single scoring wheel because the card-stock I used to make the flower was thinner paper.  The box itself was Kraft Board, much denser material almost like chip board but a little easier to work with.  The double scoring wheel was used for this, and the box folded up perfectly.  No stress marks or uneven folds. No guessing, just perfectly pleated lines.

Felt & Material Pennant Banner

Cricut design space pennant banner

Felt and iron on pennant banner


This was my FAVORITE thing I busted out this week.  It is hung on my daughters door on the outside of their room.  A few favorite pictures adorn the banner so when I shut their door I can stare at my favorite people on the planet.  This is made out of felt and iron on material.  I used the rotary blade for the fabrics and it was amazing! You will not believe how easily the cuts came out and it made this project so easy to make.  Extra ribbons were used that I had laying around to finish it off. Eyelets were added on the sides of each fabric to run the long ribbon through to hang.  Absolutely adorable and would make the cutest gift, or decor for any holiday or theme.

Generic Rosette & Donut Birthday Card

Generic Card

Homemade card, Cricut design space

Cricut design space

Donut Worry

If you follow my posts at all you know I am obsessed with cards.  All kinds. All media’s. I like to make a surplus of cards, even when I do not need them.  They are there when the occasion arrises.  Boom, unique hand made love to give out!  Fortunately for me, we had a few events coming up. I used both of these cards this week.  They were both easily constructed in less than 30 minutes.  I didn’t even make it through an entire show on Netflix!

Cannot express how happy I am to begin pumping out new posts,  Hope everyone has a fantastical week, and I would love to see anything anyone has created this week!



DIY-Wine Glasses

Wine Glass-Flowers

Cheers flowers wine glass cut with Cricut Design Space

I L-O-V-E these!!  They turned out exactly the way I pictured them in my head.  I wanted some girly, fun, wine glasses that I could be-gift to some of my lucky gal pals.  I occasianally enjoy the glass of Merlot, Pinot, or Chardonnay.  It’s no fun to partake alone so I made a set of each genre that was banging around in my head.

Of course I used my Cricut with Cricut Design Space.  It is the to design anything that your mind can think of!  I use design space consistently to make original items.  Aside from the hundreds of templates and pre-made designs you can up-load virtually anything you can dream up to your Design Space and then create it.

I use my own images for the majority of the time.  Things I see on Pinterest or things that I view while out and about.

Deer Head and Flowers Wine Glass Set

Deer Head and Flowers Wine Glass Set

Be-You-tiful Wine Glass Set

Be-You-tiful Wine Glass Set

Cactus Wine Glass Set

Cactus Wine Glass Set

You had me at Wine glass set

You had me at Wine

Cheers Wine Glasses

Cheers wine glass set made with Cricut design space

Hopefully I can give you some inspiration to create your vision.  If you haven’t checked out Design Space DO IT!  It will change your D-I-Y game.





DIY Mini Scrapbook

DIY Mini-Scrapbook

DIY Mini Scrapbook

DIY Mini Scrapbook

Okay people, I am about to blow your mind!  This 5X6 mini scrapbook was created for less than a few bucks.  Yes! Super personal and very easy to replicate.  Whether you are looking for a handmade gift or just trying to make cute photo books from your vacation, (yes, I am still working on Disney from last summer)this is the perfect little project that is useful!

Whatever theme you are working on, you can embellish to your liking.  I needed some more Disney space for our photos so I used this theme to demonstrate DIY Mini-Scrapbook’s!

Materials used

  1. Paper theme of choice
  2. Chipboard or backing of used paper pad’s, any thick cardboard.
  3. Preferred adhesive or tape gun
  4. Hole punch
  5. Embellishment’s or words of choice
  6. Scissors or paper cutter
  7. Circle rings, brads, or ribbon for binding

Steps to success

  1.  You want to cut your recycled backing, chipboard, or thick cardboard to the size you desire.  This is infinite, but my desired size was approximately 5×6.  It seems like the smaller these little books are their cuteness factor goes up!  Hole-Punch your chipboard on the left side, then you will use that first cover as a template for all of your filler paper and the back of your scrapbook.


    Chipboard or cardboard

  2. Covering your chipboard can be tricky, but I am going to show you an easy way to get right every time.  If you lay your chipboard, which will be the front and back of your album, directly on the paper that you are wishing to use, you can easily see what will fit evenly and perfectly.  You will trim the paper with the same margin around your entire chip-board.  You want to cut the corners off of each side of your paper evenly at every corner and this will ensure perfect corners every time.

    Chipboard paper covers

    Chipboard paper covers

    Front Cover

    Front Cover

The photo’s above show the middle cover already on and the front of the book will be the bottom color, the edges will show for this finished album.  The above example shows what 2-cuts you need to cover the front and back of the book.

3.  Once the front and back of the album are covered appropriately, then you can just use regular, thick card-stock for filler pages.  Use your original hole-punch template to mark all of your filler pages. I used approximately 12 pages and I measured them the exact same size as the front and back covers.

Finished product for front cover

Finished product for front cover

Finishing up

Lastly, select your binding.  I chose rings because some of my embellishments will be very thick so I wanted a lot of room to add things to my pages.  Using rings will allow for a lot of room and a super thick photo collage.

Embellish, design, create and scrapbook your photos onto the blank pages!  Finish out your cover and make a statement.


Easy Peasy DIY that makes you look like a pro!

DIY-Gel Nail

Red Carpet Gel color

Red Carpet Gel color in light pink from Ulta

DIY-Gel Nails

Ladies, if your a regular at the Nail Salon you know how expensive it can be to upkeep Gel Nails on a weekly basis.  Aside from the expense, finding an extra hour in my week every week can be quite the challenge.

A few years ago I purchased a Melody Susie LED gel nail lamp for 27.00$ and it transformed my nail game!  It did take a small investment up front but after the first few times I did my nails it totally paid for itself and now that I have been using it for so long it has been 100x worth the investment. Plus I always get compliments on my nails and nail color.

LED Gel light

LED light for gel polish

Few basic things you need to get started

Obviously you need the LED light which was posted above.  Secondly you need a foundation and Top coat.  I buy the Gelish brand off of Amazon and together they are 19.00$.  They last forever.  I have only bought the set twice and I have done my nails 50+ times maybe more, so it is safe to say that they go a long way.  My nails are always did!

Colors, colors, all the colors!!!  Gel polish is the way to go.  It makes your nails stronger and protects them from breakage.  It also gives your nail a professional finish which I love.  You do not have to be a perfect nail painter because the top coat melts it all together into a smooth shiny surface.  Unless you use a matte top coat and you have a beautiful matte finish.

I have used Gelish gel color for the last few years but recently I have fell in love with and Ulta brand called Red Carpet.  They run around 9.00$ each but again, they last a long time.  They come in small bottles but they do not seem to get old or go bad.  I still can use the very first nail color that I purchased 3 years ago.

Basic Acetone will be needed as well because once the color has been set with the LED then you will wipe your nails with acetone and bam you are ready to go!

Red Carpet and Gelish brand Gel color

Red Carpet brand Gel polish from Ulta and Gelish brand Gel color off of Amazon

Base coat and top coat for gel nails

Gelish brand base and top coat for Gel Nails


Easy Directions

  1. File or clip your nails down to your liking, I also clip my cuticles and maybe change the shape of my nail depending on how long my nails are.
  2. Add your foundation coat to one entire hand.  Set your LED light to the 2 minute setting, there are only 2 settings and I like the 2 minute setting vs the 3 minute setting for time sake.  This will take 2 min to set the foundations.
  3. Next add your color coat then you will LED set this coat.  I repeat it again for a second coat of color and also LED set that coat as well.
  4. Lastly, you will add your top coat and LED set that one, once this coat is done you will take your acetone and rub each nail with acetone soaked cotton ball.  BOOM done and perfectly dry and ready to go, no worry about messing up your nails at this point they are fully set and ready to tackle anything you can throw at them!
  5. Repeat all above steps for the other hand.
  6. It takes about 10 minutes a hand, sometimes longer if your a slow painter but totally worth it!

When you are tired of the color or they start to peel, all you do is peel the color off.  It typically will come off in one piece and there is no damage to the nail underneath.  They sell chemicals that will take it off but I have never had any issues with peeling the color off organically.  Depending on if I have cleaned with chemicals, because that seems to weaken the polish sometimes, my nails will last a week or longer.  I re-do them immediately when I peel the old color off.

Happy Nail Painting!