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DIY-Wine Glasses

Wine Glass-Flowers

Cheers flowers wine glass cut with Cricut Design Space

I L-O-V-E these!!  They turned out exactly the way I pictured them in my head.  I wanted some girly, fun, wine glasses that I could be-gift to some of my lucky gal pals.  I occasianally enjoy the glass of Merlot, Pinot, or Chardonnay.  It’s no fun to partake alone so I made a set of each genre that was banging around in my head.

Of course I used my Cricut with Cricut Design Space.  It is the bomb.com to design anything that your mind can think of!  I use design space consistently to make original items.  Aside from the hundreds of templates and pre-made designs you can up-load virtually anything you can dream up to your Design Space and then create it.

I use my own images for the majority of the time.  Things I see on Pinterest or things that I view while out and about.

Deer Head and Flowers Wine Glass Set

Deer Head and Flowers Wine Glass Set

Be-You-tiful Wine Glass Set

Be-You-tiful Wine Glass Set

Cactus Wine Glass Set

Cactus Wine Glass Set

You had me at Wine glass set

You had me at Wine

Cheers Wine Glasses

Cheers wine glass set made with Cricut design space

Hopefully I can give you some inspiration to create your vision.  If you haven’t checked out Design Space DO IT!  It will change your D-I-Y game.





Meal Prep 101-The Basic’s

Meal Prep

Roasted veggies, steak, sweet potato and avocado relish

Meal Prep

I preface this post by disclosing to you that I do not have a Ph.D. in nutrition nor do I consider myself an expert on nutrition.  This post is NOT about nutrition.  It is about meal prep.  I have adopted this practice and carry it out every week without fail. I want to share with you my method so hopefully your life might be a little easier too.  My family has continued this tradition now for more than 2 years and it has truly been a life saver.

Meal prepping is a way I keep certain amounts of protein in my diet.  It is a time saver, cheap, and keeps my family from eating out during the week.  Those are the main reasons that I spend a few hours in the kitchen on Sunday.  Meal prepping basically makes my life livable during the week, with work, piano lessons, soccer practice, softball practice and my kiddos homework.  I like to NOT stress about a clean home cooked dinner.

Basically any diet or program you follow can be pre-prepared.  So I have a few things that I consider must-know’s when meal prepping.

Meal Prep

Bulk Meal Prep

Critical Tips

  1.  Keep it simple.  Ridiculously simple.
  2. Make stuff that you like.-DUH, seems easy but this could be a tricky trap.
  3. Prep with your spouse, get them involved the more people on board the easier it will be to stick to what you have cooked.  Have him grill, or chop, or open the wine.  (sometimes we have wine on meal prep day). not necessarily recommended.
  4. Make it a habit and make things that are easy to repeat and reproduce.
  5. Set goals associated with saving money from taking your lunch vs buying it.  10$ a day = 50$ a week = 200$ a month.  That my friend is a really nice pair of shoes, dinner, or your hair appointment okay!  Why would that not be worth brown bagging it during the week? Plus this keeps me focused. Nothing is more motivating than money, right?

When I say keep it simple it is because anyone who has ever meal prepped, the first time, goes out and buys 6 million dollars worth of groceries.   Enough so, that a small country couldn’t consume all of it in one week.  They google all of these complex “healthy” recipes.  Spend 18 hours in the kitchen cooking, then have to order a pizza for dinner because they are exahsted.  YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE.  NO ONE will ever repeat that kind of routine on a weekly basis for the long haul.  It is unsustainable. The less ingredients the better.  I totally recommend to keep your prep to 2-3 options of protein a week and 2-3 vegtable options.  That way the next week you can change out your protein and veggies and your menu doesn’t get dull.

Meal Prep

Roasting cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts

I make things that I am excited to eat.  Like, when Its time for lunch, I’m starving for what I brought.  I get asked to eat out constantly and it doesn’t make me think twice when I know what I brought is the bomb, and clean, and loaded with protein and delicious and earning me some extra cash for the end of the month.

Meal Prep

Veggie Stir-fry

Meal Prep

Asparagus, bacon and onion

There are certain foods that I don’t meal prep for the week because they may turn watery or become un-appealing after a few days.  Personally, I don’t like fish after day 2 and if I make my veggies steamed they seem to get gross quick.  That is why I roast or sautée the majority of my veggies.  I can eat pretty much anything that I make for the entire week with little problem though, I am not picky and I can shove anything in my face, drink some water and move on.

My husband and I turn on the jam’s and split-up our prep.  Its fun and we used to dread doing it, now it is a couple hours that the kids usually leave us alone and we can have some adult conversation.

A few of my absolute favorite things to meal prep:



  1. Ground Turkey plain or in meatloaf form
  2. Brisket(high in fat) works good for low carb though
  3. Shrimp
  4. Chicken
  5. Organic uncured sliced sausage


Obviously you can steam or sauté any veggie under the sun and it is going to be better than traditional carbs, or processed food.  But I have a few specialty things that I make almost every week I love them so much, these DO NOT get old to me.

  1. Asparagus sautéed in olive oil or coconut oil with onions and a slice or two of chopped uncured bacon.
  2. Shredded brussel sprouts in coconut oil sautéed and burned a little bit
  3. Fried cauliflower rice…..seriously amazing.
  4. Veggie stir-fry including purple and white onions, asparagus, bel peppers-I like to use multi-color, a large zucchini diced, a large squash diced.  Add coconut aminos or brags liquid aminos and some flavored olive oil, your life will never be the same.
  5. Sweet potato with coconut oil. (if you are feeling clean carby)

These veggies are a little out of the box but I do occasionally go back to some steamed carrots or roasted broccoli and cauliflower even steamed broccoli.  I seriously ate steamed broccoli for 5 straight months, 2 meals a day, so I have been taking a small break from the regular steamed broccoli routine.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep

Meal Prep

Nitrate free sausage, sweet potato, roasted veggies and avocado


It takes a little bit of discipline but once you have been doing it for a few months it turns into your NORM and I cannot even remember what it was like before I started meal-prepping.  I buy meal prep containers off of Amazon, super cheap and they are super durable.


I’d love to hear your feedback or questions!


Mod-Podge Coasters

Modge Podge Coaster

Drink Coaster

Aghhhhhhh these are so awesome.  One of my favorite gifts to handmake and give!  These DIY coasters are simple and fun and are super easy to make several at a time.  I have a few different varieties that I use at work and in my craft room. I use them to set my drinks down on or my hot glue gun.  When I look at them, they make me happy.  It is the little things sometimes!  Hopefully you can make a few and give them out to your friends or keep them for yourself and bring yourself or someone else a little joy to the day.  Checkout the steps below to easily make your own creations.

I cut paper into 4×4 squares and they fit well with a perfect white border that gives the coaster a clean look.

  1. First I cut the paper to 4×4 squares with a paper cutter.
    paper cutter

    4×4 trimmed paper

    2. Then, I took a ceramic coaster and applied a thin layer of modge podge onto the coaster.

    3.  I put another thin layer of mod podge onto the back side of the 4×4 paper.

4.  Next I lined up the paper where I wanted it to sit onto the coaster and then smoothed it down and coated the top of the paper with a foam brush to smooth out the air bubbles.  I let it dry and then completed a few more coats of mod podge onto the coaster in between dry time. Easy Peasy!

DIY Pom-Pom Rug

  DIY Pom-pom Rug

DIY Pom-Pom rug

Yarn pom-pom rug

DIY Pom-Pom Rug

back side of Pom-pom rug

Yes! Finally!  I finished the POM-POM rug that I started before Thanksgiving.  This was super fun to make, but I did underestimate the amount of POM-POMs that it would take to make this rug…..it was totally cool though, because I watched several movies while I POM-POMMED.

I used a Clover POM-POM maker that ending up being totally epic! I purchased the “Large” POM-POM maker.

Carron Cakes yarn was fabulous and I used at least 4 maybe 5 skeins to complete this rug.  You could make smaller POM-POMs but I wanted full beautiful yarn balls!

Once I made all of the POM-POM balls then I sewed them to a rug grid that I cut down into a rectangle, I purchased this grid off of Amazon.  Super simple and it turned out just the way that I wanted it to.

Check out my quick video to see the Clover pom-pom maker in action!

DIY Wood Stove Shelf


DIY stained wood

Dark Walnut Stain on 2X6

DIY Stained Wood Stove Shelf

This week’s DIY stained wood stove shelf is piggybacking off of last weeks post just a tad.  Been a bit preoccupied with my oven here lately, but I had one more project up my sleeve and I think that I can move on now that it is completed!

We cook a lot, and I am always out of room when I get everything I need organized.  I wanted a space where I could readily have ingredients, spices and a place to set my prep bowls in close proximity to my cook top. The top of my oven is not large enough to set items on top or they accidently end up in my skillet..not good so I decided to do something about it!  I went to Home Depot and bought a 2X6 wood board and some stain.  I used Minwax Dark Walnut, I love the dark stains.  Dark stains are absolutely perfect when you see the end result, it is so rich and covers perfectly.  It doesn’t even look like the original board.

Cutting and Measuring

In this post I  did not want to get specific on the measurements since everyone will have a different measurement but I did make the sides very snug to the top board to enclose the top of the oven with the shelf.  A tight fit looked best and I wanted it to be tight.  THIS IS THE EASIEST PROJECT EVER!  I used a miter saw with laser guide, it easily made clean cuts.  Once I got the wood set up after the cuts I ended up taking about an inch more off the side of the top board to ensure the snug fit that I wanted.


Next I stained the wood with the Dark Walnut Stain.  I used an old dish towel and a pair of gloves to rub the stain directly onto the wood.  I wish I would have taken a picture of my stain before I used it.  I got a little crazy with the stain so whoopsie! You get the point though hopefully.

DIY stained wood

Dark Walnut Stain

This is what it looks like in the packaging, minus all the overflow that I dripped down the side!  I let the stain set for about 6 hours.  At that point you could seal it or wax it.  I like to use finishing wax and Minwax has a really good finishing wax as well.  You rub it on then buff it out.  You can also just leave it as is, it will smell a little chemically for awhile but it disapates quickly.


Finishing and Details

Once the stain dried I used screws to attach the wood together from the top piece of wood.  I did pre-drill the holes since I was using a cheaper cut of wood I didn’t want the boards to split after all the work!  It turned out great and is super functional.

Stained Wood Oven Shelf

unfinished raw wood. This was after the cut was made to make sure it fit the oven.

DIY stained wood

Finished Stained over the stove shelf

Cook Top Stainless Steel OCD?

Oven range

Lifesavor!!! Stainless steel cover










Are you obsessive compulsive on keeping your stove top stainless steel spotless?

Meeeee Toooooo!  Oh my goodness I think I spend half of my life cleaning the stainless steel on my range.  If it looks dirty I feel like my whole house is a total death pit.

I started racking my brain regarding this issue.  I cook bacon like twice a day, so it is nearly impossible to keep splatters off of my stainless steel, knobs, and oven door.  You totally know what I am talking about if you cook breakfast for your family.  The first meal of the day will ruin your kitchen appearance for the ENTIRE day.  If you are like me, you are sprinting in the morning.  We have the kids clothes, the hair meltdowns, the idontwannas so there is not a lot of time to clean in between the gym and work. So after you have totally bacon splattered everything in a 5 mile radius and you have to get the kids off to school and get yourself to work I find myself having to compromise and leave myself a dirty kitchen to clean when I get home from work.  NOT COOL.

So, I thought how……how, can I save myself all of this craziness and my poor husband’s sanity because he has to hear it from me if I feel like the house is disorganized?  Well, I made myself a oven splatter barrier.  YES!  It was so super easy and I am going to show you how I did it.  It took me less than 20 minutes and I cannot believe I haven’t thought of this sooner.



  1. Preferred Fabric
  2. Magnets
  3. Thread and needle, or no sew bonding, or for advanced people you may already have a sewing machine.  ( I am not a sewer but I do have a sewing machine.  VERY basic skills and knowledge with this)  I can sew straight lines barely which was actually perfect for this project.
  4. (optional) decore for the front hem.  Lace, buttons, I used an iron on-adhesive backed lace.



  1.  Measure the length of the top of your oven range.  Mine was 29 in and some change.  I wanted to keep some room for a pretty forgiving hem so I cut at 32 inches.  I cut the material and the length will vary.  I used some scrap material so I took what I had.  You may want to make yours longer or shorter.
  2. You must have a larger hem for the top of the cover, so the magnets will fit. (take that into consideration)
  3. I ironed my material, folded all of my sides and then ironed them down for sewing.

    This is the ironed image with the sides prepped for hem

    4.  I sewed all the edges with the exception of the top that would hold the magnets.  If your using no sew bond, you would do the exact same thing but use the iron.  Once I finished the bottom and the sides, I used about 8 1/2 inch round magnets.  I hot glued them to the positions that I wanted then to sit in.  Then, I finished the hem of the top that encased the magnets.

    5.  Last step was to add my lace to the front, my hem was not perfect so I wanted to hide that with the pretty lace.  Like I said, not a professional seamstress!

Whoala!!!  I am so excited!  Enjoy.