Decorative Kitchen Towels and Koozies

Decorative Kitchen Towel

Decorative Kitchen Towel

HTV on Koozies

HTV on Koozies

Heat Press

People!  I am obsessed with my Heat Press.  I made these Decorative Towels and Koozies with ease using my Heat Press.  For anyone that has a strong “Iron-On” obsession, using a heat press for your HTV (heat transfer vinyl) changes the game.

Have you ever ironed on an appliqué or cut some cute vinyl with your Cricut, applied it to a bag or shirt, then after you have washed the item the sides peel up?  We’ve all been there, but it really grated on my nerves to spend time, money and effort and not really get the professional finish that I wanted.

I have done a ton of research on heat presses and EVERYONE knows that I am a Cricut lover, but the Cricut press just wasn’t going to do it for me.  I wanted a surface at least capable of 12×12 images, and the Cricut press is much smaller than that.  You would have to move the press around your image and not to mention you still have to apply pressure physically, just like an iron.  I wasn’t about to buy a 140.00 iron and still not get the quality that I was looking for.

Fancier Studio’s

The specific heat press that I chose was by Fancier Studio’s it measures in at 15×15.  You can adjust the pressure clamp( it is super pressurized) and it locks when you pull it down.  It is also digital, which makes it easy to set your temperature and timer setting… which I love!!!!  I have produced perfect results every time and could not be more happy with my purchase.

This heat press actually completely melds the HTV to your project.  The finished image resembles ink once it has been heat pressed onto your surface.

Fancier Studio's Heat Press

Fancier Studio’s Heat Press

Fancier Studio's Heat Press

Fancier Studio’s Heat Press

I’ve been looking for reasons to use it and a few things that I came up with this weekend are these adorable Decorative Towels that you see everywhere!  Then I was just perusing on Amazon and out stumbled these lonely Koozie blanks.  I thought, huh, I think my heat press needs these in her life so this was my creative inspiration for the weekend.

HTV on Kitchen Towel

Grater’s gonna Grate

HTV on Kitchen Towel

Don’t be afraid to take Whisks!


HTV on Koozies

HTV on Koozies



4 Things I did with my Cricut this Week

Vinyl projects

Vinyl lettering on cups

Personalized cups

4 easy things that I used my Cricut machine for this weekend! I hear people say so often that they have a Cricut but….. its still in the box.  “I do not know how to use it, or do not have time to use it.  People, I am super busy and find 5-10 minutes here and there to get it done. It is so not complicated.  I use my Cricut constantly, so I want to give you a few ideas of what I did this week. Each project took me less than 10 minutes.

Creating or choosing your image

The hard part is if you do not have an image or design in mind.  If you have to upload your own image, that usually takes a little longer to search for inspiration or create an image from scratch.  Side Note: I need to do a post on creating images because that is something that seems very complicated but Design Space makes it straight forward.

One bonus for using the Cricut is that it has an APPLICATION that is phone and iPad friendly. You can create ANYTHING you want on the go and then when you have a free moment you can cut your designs or images out.  I will seriously have 4-5 projects ready to go at a time. It saves a ton of time and I can multi-task while getting my oil changed.

Tumbler and coffee cup

The “Goal Digger” coffee or tea cup is one of my go-to templates.  I have it on several of my personal cups and I use that one a lot.  It is already an uploaded design that I created a couple of years ago, but I still use it and love it.

I had to monogram my new blue tumbler that my children so thoughtfully picked me out for Mother’s Day today in turquoise, my favorite color!

The Cricut cuts whatever image out that you want to use and then you just remove the vinyl from around the image.  I use transfer tape and cover the image then pull it off of the backing with the transfer tape.  The gridlines on the tape guide you to a straight placement then I adhere it to my project.  Give it a couple of rubs and pull the transfer tape off, the image will stay behind on your desired surface.  It seriously is that simple.

Vinyl Dog T-shirt

Donut kill my vibe dog decal

Puppy T-Shirt

My puppy seriously needed this shirt, this donut and decal was pre-fabricated in design space so I just chose it and cut it into black heat transfer vinyl. I have a heat press by Fancier Studio’s but an iron works just fine too.  She’s been rocking it all day and she’s my mascot now!

Cricut vinyl

Gymnastic Team Gift

Team Gifts

I busted these out on Monday night when I got home from work.  My friends daughter is on a gymnastics team and its time for team gifts before competition.  She asked me if I could do the girls names on the water bottles.  This took me no time at all because she sent me the roster in advance so I already typed all the names out into my workspace and chose the fonts.  When the bottles came in, all I had to do was cut and attach the names to the bottles.  Super professional outcome in little time and super cheap.

Ive always been a huge advocate for Cricut and I have had every generation of the machine with the exception that I have not bought the maker yet that has just came out. Not because I am not obsessed but I really do not sew a lot, but it does have a faster cutting speed and rotary blade and a few other perks so it may be up in my craft room soon.

Hope this post shows the ease and usefulness of dusting off that box and giving it a try.




DIY Washer Necklace

Softball Washer Necklace

Softball washer necklace

Softball washer necklace

This Softball washer necklace is adorable and was exactly what I was looking to gift to my daughters softball team for the end of the season.  This is always my favorite thing when my kids are involved in activities, I like to commemorate all the hard work, friendships, and memories with a little something to remember the moment with.

I plugged in the dimensions of the washer to my Cricut and created a template to cut out all of the paper coverings that I used, you can totally do this by hand, it will just take you an extra step-No Bigs!

Softball washer necklace supplies used

  1.  String or cord
  2. Washers-I picked these up at the local Home Depot
  3. Beads
  4. Scissors and Lighter
  5. The paper for the design you want on the top of the necklace
  6. Spray paint color of choice
  7. Glossy Accents
  8. Mod Podge and paint brush

Step 1

Softball washer necklace

Softball washer necklace

If you are using your Cricut to make this softball washer necklace then you will not need to save a washer but if you are cutting the template out by hand you will need to keep a washer to trace onto your paper.  Trace the number of covers that you will need depending on how many necklaces that you are creating.

You will want to spray paint both sides of the washer with your spray paint of choice.  When allowing for dry time this step usually takes a couple of hours.  I picked up a cheap can of white non-glossy spray paint from Home Depot for around 3.00.

While waiting for my washers to dry, I went ahead and designed my washer template in Cricut Design Space.  If you are tracing your washers and cutting them out by hand you could begin this process because it will take you some additional time to trace and hand cut all of the washer covers.

Step 2

Softball theme washer cover

Softball theme washer cover

Once your washers are dry and you have cut out all of your decorative covers then you will add a layer of mod podge directly to the top of the washers with a paint brush.

You will then lay the paper cover on top and smooth down with your finger, rub all around the paper and make sure it is secure to the Mod Podge underneath.  Then take your paint brush and put another coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper adhered to the washer.  Then let them all dry.

Step 3

Glossy Accent Step

Glossy Accent Step

When your Mod Podge is dry on your washers then you can add your Glossy Accent liquid.  This will give your washer a dimensional clear coat that makes a clear, soft, bubble over the paper.  I think this finishes up the necklace and gives it a professional feel. This step does require a couple hours of dry time.  So if your wanting a quick project you can omit this step.

Step 4

Lastly, you will add your cord, I bought a large spool of cord that I had to cut so I had to burn the ends with a lighter to keep them from unraveling.  I also felt that putting a bead at the top of these necklaces was a cute accessory, but you can also skip that embellishment if you do not have beads on hand.

That is it, a simple, pretty necklace that I added to their snack bags.  Making these necklaces were fun and gave all of the girls a little gift for their dedication to the season.


Meal Prep 101-The Basic’s

Meal Prep

Roasted veggies, steak, sweet potato and avocado relish

Meal Prep

I preface this post by disclosing to you that I do not have a Ph.D. in nutrition nor do I consider myself an expert on nutrition.  This post is NOT about nutrition.  It is about meal prep.  I have adopted this practice and carry it out every week without fail. I want to share with you my method so hopefully your life might be a little easier too.  My family has continued this tradition now for more than 2 years and it has truly been a life saver.

Meal prepping is a way I keep certain amounts of protein in my diet.  It is a time saver, cheap, and keeps my family from eating out during the week.  Those are the main reasons that I spend a few hours in the kitchen on Sunday.  Meal prepping basically makes my life livable during the week, with work, piano lessons, soccer practice, softball practice and my kiddos homework.  I like to NOT stress about a clean home cooked dinner.

Basically any diet or program you follow can be pre-prepared.  So I have a few things that I consider must-know’s when meal prepping.

Meal Prep

Bulk Meal Prep

Critical Tips

  1.  Keep it simple.  Ridiculously simple.
  2. Make stuff that you like.-DUH, seems easy but this could be a tricky trap.
  3. Prep with your spouse, get them involved the more people on board the easier it will be to stick to what you have cooked.  Have him grill, or chop, or open the wine.  (sometimes we have wine on meal prep day). not necessarily recommended.
  4. Make it a habit and make things that are easy to repeat and reproduce.
  5. Set goals associated with saving money from taking your lunch vs buying it.  10$ a day = 50$ a week = 200$ a month.  That my friend is a really nice pair of shoes, dinner, or your hair appointment okay!  Why would that not be worth brown bagging it during the week? Plus this keeps me focused. Nothing is more motivating than money, right?

When I say keep it simple it is because anyone who has ever meal prepped, the first time, goes out and buys 6 million dollars worth of groceries.   Enough so, that a small country couldn’t consume all of it in one week.  They google all of these complex “healthy” recipes.  Spend 18 hours in the kitchen cooking, then have to order a pizza for dinner because they are exahsted.  YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE.  NO ONE will ever repeat that kind of routine on a weekly basis for the long haul.  It is unsustainable. The less ingredients the better.  I totally recommend to keep your prep to 2-3 options of protein a week and 2-3 vegtable options.  That way the next week you can change out your protein and veggies and your menu doesn’t get dull.

Meal Prep

Roasting cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts

I make things that I am excited to eat.  Like, when Its time for lunch, I’m starving for what I brought.  I get asked to eat out constantly and it doesn’t make me think twice when I know what I brought is the bomb, and clean, and loaded with protein and delicious and earning me some extra cash for the end of the month.

Meal Prep

Veggie Stir-fry

Meal Prep

Asparagus, bacon and onion

There are certain foods that I don’t meal prep for the week because they may turn watery or become un-appealing after a few days.  Personally, I don’t like fish after day 2 and if I make my veggies steamed they seem to get gross quick.  That is why I roast or sautée the majority of my veggies.  I can eat pretty much anything that I make for the entire week with little problem though, I am not picky and I can shove anything in my face, drink some water and move on.

My husband and I turn on the jam’s and split-up our prep.  Its fun and we used to dread doing it, now it is a couple hours that the kids usually leave us alone and we can have some adult conversation.

A few of my absolute favorite things to meal prep:



  1. Ground Turkey plain or in meatloaf form
  2. Brisket(high in fat) works good for low carb though
  3. Shrimp
  4. Chicken
  5. Organic uncured sliced sausage


Obviously you can steam or sauté any veggie under the sun and it is going to be better than traditional carbs, or processed food.  But I have a few specialty things that I make almost every week I love them so much, these DO NOT get old to me.

  1. Asparagus sautéed in olive oil or coconut oil with onions and a slice or two of chopped uncured bacon.
  2. Shredded brussel sprouts in coconut oil sautéed and burned a little bit
  3. Fried cauliflower rice…..seriously amazing.
  4. Veggie stir-fry including purple and white onions, asparagus, bel peppers-I like to use multi-color, a large zucchini diced, a large squash diced.  Add coconut aminos or brags liquid aminos and some flavored olive oil, your life will never be the same.
  5. Sweet potato with coconut oil. (if you are feeling clean carby)

These veggies are a little out of the box but I do occasionally go back to some steamed carrots or roasted broccoli and cauliflower even steamed broccoli.  I seriously ate steamed broccoli for 5 straight months, 2 meals a day, so I have been taking a small break from the regular steamed broccoli routine.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep

Meal Prep

Nitrate free sausage, sweet potato, roasted veggies and avocado


It takes a little bit of discipline but once you have been doing it for a few months it turns into your NORM and I cannot even remember what it was like before I started meal-prepping.  I buy meal prep containers off of Amazon, super cheap and they are super durable.


I’d love to hear your feedback or questions!


Creative Art Journal-Gelato pigments

Art Journal and Gelato's

Art Journal with Gelato background

Art Journaling is an exceptional way to try out new techniques.  New supplies, bold colors, things you may not want to try on an actual project.  It gives you a freedom to not have an expectation or an outcome.  For us “A” personalities that are overwhelmed with OCD tendencies it presents one of my most favorite and most hated form’s of expression.

I like dimensional work, when messing in my art journal. I can get messy and have unfinished work.  It allows me to journal my thoughts or feelings in words, colors, or images. Typically, I shy away from simple flat images. Layers and background work is where it is at.  Complex images are my favorite, that is something that I am personally drawn to when making a project or starting to piece together ideas.

Have I mentioned throughout my blog that I stockpile images and backgrounds?  Aside from making tags and cards, this is another way that I use those already completed images or stamps.  I add them to my art journal for a quick filler and then embellish on and around them with different inks or mediums.

Art Journaling with Faber Castel Gelato’s

Gelato’s make art journaling a breeze. If you know what these are and have worked with them before, you are probably amazed by the versatility of the pigment.  If you have not ever used them before, you have to try them!!  You will not be sorry.  They are in mini pen-like containers, like crayons but fatter.  The texture is very pigmented and super creamy.  You can use them as is or add water to them and they can make some pretty amazing backgrounds that are vivid and fluid with little to know artistic ability.

Baby wipes work amazingly to smooth out backgrounds.  I used that method on the art journal pages that I am showcasing in this post.  You can also use spray water, droplets of water, or stencils.  This pigment will also lift off of paper with water.  So you can do a background then put a stencil down and lift the color up so it makes a reverse image.


Art Journal with Gelato's

Art Journal with Gelato’s

Pictured above in the top photos, are what the Gelato’s look like.  You can just color the paper where you want specific pigment to go or blend by overlapping colors.  When you are happy with the coverage you add water and it smooths the color out and blends the colors together.  I used a baby wipe wrapped around my fingers and just blended it together.  Super fabulous. Once it dries you can stamp on top of it.   Layer more ink, or pretty much anything you can imagine.

I have even used these on canvas for background and they worked beautifully.

Finished Pages

Art Journal with Gelato's

Art Journal with Gelato’s step 2

I might be done with this page, I might not be.  Sometimes I will go months then will go back and add things to previous pages. A coffee Gelato was used to rub around the images that I glued onto my pages and then I rubbed the pigment with my finger until I got my desired result.  Smudging the pigment is one super cool thing to do with them.  I rub the edges of a lot of my projects with Gelato’s because it gives a smokey finish to paper.

Art journaling is a vast media and there are five thousand ways to art-journal.  I would love to hear some of your favorite techniques.

Cricut Cards for the upcoming holiday’s

Cricut design space cards

Cricut design space cards

My Cricut is one of the most used accessories in my craft room.  A Cricut card is so ridiculously easy to make.  I probably use this for almost every project that I make incorporating vinyl, dimension, or an already pre-designed project from design space.  With so many holidays coming up, you cannot have enough cards.  Typically around this time of year I begin making cards for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter.  It makes it less stressful when the time comes around plus I DESPISE buying store bought cards.  They are generic and cost 8.00 each, I would rather put that money toward the gift! Plus I enjoy making them.

Cricut Design Space

I cannot begin to explain how many options that you have with the online creation station that is Cricut Design Space.  A Cricut card is just a drop in the bucket for what this machine can actually accomplish. It is an infinite option of possibilities to create, do or make.  I used the Coin Purse pre-made project to make the following cards.  I changed out the paper and used different embellishments and came up with three really different cards with the same exact template.  This card is precious, and simple.  I would love to get this card from someone.

I chose this card and the program tells you the amount of paper you need and what size of paper is appropriate. You load your paper and cut out the shapes.  I added an envelope to the project afterwards and cut the envelope out of coordinating paper stock that was dual sided so the inside of my envelopes have pretty designs on them.  You just can’t make this stuff up, its a true story!  Don’t let the Cricut intimidate you it is an awesome tool and worth every penny.

Coin Purse Pineapple Card

Coin Purse Pineapple Card

Coin Purse Floral Card

Coin Purse Floral Card

Coin Purse Card

Coin Purse Card

Supplies used

  1. Cricut machine
  2. Paper
  3. Adhesive

Layered Floral Card

I selected the second card in mind for Mother’s Day and this was also a pre-made template.  Chose, cut, adhered.  That is it, super simple.  This one an envelope was incorporated into the template so I did not have to add an envelope at the end.

Floral Card and Envelope

Floral Cut Cricut card and envelope


Can you imagine never buying envelopes again?  I don’t have to. I  can make envelopes of any shape, color or need with my Cricut.  Super awesome and convenient.

DIY Envelopes

DIY Envelopes


Simple Bow

Simple Bow

Simple Bow

How many of you Mama’s out there need an easy bow recipe?  Let me tell you, we go through a’many of bow in this house.  My girls need bow’s that match school uniform’s, special holiday bows, “oh my gosh tomorrow is Dr. Suess day bow’s” and favorite dress matching bow’s.  This is a super simple and super cheap template. You can make them in a variety of sizes and the best part… only takes a few minutes.

If you want to get fancy with this template you absolutely can add a variety of embellishments and ribbons to spice it up.  But, I wanted to write this post for the mom that wants an “I only spent 2.00 to make this bow” bow.


  1. Preferred ribbon-really you only need a fraction of the spool of the same color ribbon and you can make a bajillion bow’s with that one spool.
  2. Glue gun
  3. Metal bow clip
  4. Lighter- if you plan on cutting your middle wrap around piece from the same ribbon that you used to make your bow you will need to singe the cut end of the ribbon.  It will unravel if you do not singe the end.

Step by Step Instructions

  1.  You need to cut 2 equal pieces of ribbon in length.  This particular bow pictured was cut at 13.5 inches.  You also need to cut a small strip that is at least 1.5 inches to wrap around the middle and secure it to the bow clip. Don’t forget to singe the cut part of your middle piece so it doesn’t unravel. (Top left picture)
  2. Fold both pieces of ribbon exactly in half and make a crease in both.  You are going to put hot glue on both sides of your crease on the back side of the ribbon and glue the ends of the ribbon inward at the crease. (Middle left picture)
  3. On the crease side of the ribbon you will put a drop of hot glue directly in the middle and lined up on your crease.  You just want to glue the middle of the bow, the sides need to remain free. Do this for both pieces of ribbon.(Bottom left picture)
  4. You will then turn the ribbon over and fold the 2 sides into an accordion fashion and pinch in the middle. You will also do this to both pieces of ribbon. Add hot glue to both sides that you are pinching together  (Top right picture)
  5. Now you will have two ribbons that are folded and glued that look like small long bows.  You are going to take both of those pieces and glue them together side by side or on top of each other, however you look at it. (Right middle picture)
  6. Lastly you will glue the metal bow clip to the back of the bow. (Bottom right picture)  Remove the middle metal bracket from the inside of the metal bow clip.  You will then take the small 1.5 inch ribbon that you cut and wrap it around the middle of the bow and the metal bow clip then secure it with even more hot glue.  Once that dries add the metal bracket back to the inside of the bow clip.  BOOM Done!
Simple Bow step by step

Simple Bow step by step

No worries you will get much faster with practice and when you learn it by heart it will come second nature.  Happy Bow Making!


I LOVE Coffee Cards

Coffe Cards

Coffee Cards using 2 techniques

Coffee cards are awesome! Who doesn’t want a coffee card? Almost everyone I know is obsessed with COFFEE!  There are so many coffee stamps and cut-outs available online. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have an excellent variety available.  If you use a coupon you can purchase one of these stamp sets for less than 2 tanks of gas, so worth it in my opinion.

My eyes are always drawn to these stamps because I like the images and they are fun to color. Before I started this blog, I would just sit in my craft room and stamp tons of images and color them in with different media and product. I could stockpile the images that I created.  Then when I had a tag or card that I wanted to put together they were already created and I would just assemble them as I go.

Donut’s and Coffee- Coffee Card

Jillibean Soup and Hampton Art put out the most adorable stamp set ever!  My kids love donut’s so I originally bought this stamp to create tags for things that I would like to give them. I make handmade cards for the people closest to me. Putting time into things that I enjoy and then sharing that time is meaningful to me.  This cute card and stamp set goes well with my theme for this post. I busted it out and got to work.

I used Zig Watercolor brush pens and a water brush to bring these stamped images to life.  At the end of this post there is a video demonstrating how easy the Zig water color brush pens are to use.  Be sure to check that out!  It makes you look good with no talent! I used Ranger archival ink for the stamped images and as you can see it does not smear when using the water color and water.  I finished this card off with 2 sentiments that were included in the stamp set.  Absolutely presh!

Coffee Stamp

Jilibean Soup and Hampton Art donut and coffee stamp

 Coffee Card. Steaming Cup.

If you have a Cricut machine, like I do, the Cricut design space is the best resource when looking up customizable images. Don’t have a Cricut machine? Then that needs to go on the wish list doesn’t it? Oohh myyy goodness… I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome the Cricut is (but that is another post entirely.)

I searched “Coffee Cup” in design space and then chose the preferred image that I wanted to work with.  A simple image was wanted.  Something that I could embelish.  Then the image was cut out using the Cricut machine.  I ran the brown back ground through my Sizzix Big Shot utilizing a flower embossing folder. Then distressed the embossed paper with “Vintage Photo” Ranger distress ink.  It gave the background dimension and highlighted the flowers .

The background was mounted on a coordinating color cardstock and then adhered the coffee cup to the front of the card.  I sewed around the edges and then added detail and a sentiment to finish the project shown below.

Cricut Coffee Image Card

Cricut Coffee Image Card

Cricut image Coffee Cup

Cricut Image Coffee Cup

Coffee Card with Sizzix and Tim Holz Stamp and Die cutout——- COFFEE!!

This is absolutely perfect for someone who does not have a Cricut.  You will need a embossing machine of some kind, but these are fairly inexpensive.  This stamp set comes with metal cutouts that lay over the stamped images and when you run it through your embossing machine and it cuts the images out perfectly.  I used Zig watercolor brush pens and a basic water pen to color the coffee cups and the sentiment that is included in the stamp set.  Perfection!  The video posted below is specific to this stamp set and technique.

Coffee Card

Tim Holtz and Sizzix CoffeeCard die and stamp set

Coffe die cut and stamp

Tim Holtz Sizzix die cut and stamp











Photo Layouts

Photo Album Layout

Scrapbook photo layout

Scrapbook photo layout

My friend recently had a baby and I wanted to make something from the heart that she could either hang in the nursery or incorporate into the baby’s photo album.  These 12×12 sheets can be framed or can be inserted into a photo album and are completely personalized.  Her theme is grey and yellow and then I added in some pink for a feminine touch.  Turned out great and hopefully she will be happy with the results.

Getting Started

I cut out all of the shapes, flowers, name and year using my Cricut machine.  I cut the year out in vinyl and added it to the fronton the picture frame.  It took literally seconds to cut all of the images, the lengthy part is looking through all of the options and visually putting it together in my head before I see the finished product.  I chose the variety of papers and colors that I wanted to use and then pieced them together to get an idea of where I was going with the layout.

Scrapbook background

Scrapbook background

Scrapbook layout

Scrapbook layout










Finishing Touches

All of the letters were edged with a black Faber Castel Marker.  I used a adhesive tape gun to adhere all of they shapes and letters and attached photo corners onto the page for an instant insert for a 4×6 photo.  Typically I would just add this to a scrapbook or make a cute folder to give as a gift but for this particular sheet I put it into a record frame.  They fit 12×12 sheets perfectly and can make it possible to set out for decor or display. You can also add dimension or texture to these frames they will fit up to 1 inch of adornment or texture.

Perfect Pearls

Perfect Pearls

Perfect Pearl technique card


  1. Perfect Pearl powder kit
  2. Metal brads
  3. Black Cardstock
  4. Gold embossing powder
  5. Versamark clear ink
  6. Dry paintbrush
  7. Heat Gun
  8. Adhesive/tape/foam squares
  9. Sentiment stamp
  10. Water mister
Perfect Pearl Medium

Perfect Pearl

HEY everyone!  This is unique craft and texture technique.  These pigment powders can be used in several ways.  In the video posted at the end of my blog it showcases the “dusting” method which is similar to embossing powder.  These pigment powders can also be mixed with water for a shimmering paint or spray.