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Simple Bow

Simple Bow

Simple Bow

How many of you Mama’s out there need an easy bow recipe?  Let me tell you, we go through a’many of bow in this house.  My girls need bow’s that match school uniform’s, special holiday bows, “oh my gosh tomorrow is Dr. Suess day bow’s” and favorite dress matching bow’s.  This is a super simple and super cheap template. You can make them in a variety of sizes and the best part… only takes a few minutes.

If you want to get fancy with this template you absolutely can add a variety of embellishments and ribbons to spice it up.  But, I wanted to write this post for the mom that wants an “I only spent 2.00 to make this bow” bow.


  1. Preferred ribbon-really you only need a fraction of the spool of the same color ribbon and you can make a bajillion bow’s with that one spool.
  2. Glue gun
  3. Metal bow clip
  4. Lighter- if you plan on cutting your middle wrap around piece from the same ribbon that you used to make your bow you will need to singe the cut end of the ribbon.  It will unravel if you do not singe the end.

Step by Step Instructions

  1.  You need to cut 2 equal pieces of ribbon in length.  This particular bow pictured was cut at 13.5 inches.  You also need to cut a small strip that is at least 1.5 inches to wrap around the middle and secure it to the bow clip. Don’t forget to singe the cut part of your middle piece so it doesn’t unravel. (Top left picture)
  2. Fold both pieces of ribbon exactly in half and make a crease in both.  You are going to put hot glue on both sides of your crease on the back side of the ribbon and glue the ends of the ribbon inward at the crease. (Middle left picture)
  3. On the crease side of the ribbon you will put a drop of hot glue directly in the middle and lined up on your crease.  You just want to glue the middle of the bow, the sides need to remain free. Do this for both pieces of ribbon.(Bottom left picture)
  4. You will then turn the ribbon over and fold the 2 sides into an accordion fashion and pinch in the middle. You will also do this to both pieces of ribbon. Add hot glue to both sides that you are pinching together  (Top right picture)
  5. Now you will have two ribbons that are folded and glued that look like small long bows.  You are going to take both of those pieces and glue them together side by side or on top of each other, however you look at it. (Right middle picture)
  6. Lastly you will glue the metal bow clip to the back of the bow. (Bottom right picture)  Remove the middle metal bracket from the inside of the metal bow clip.  You will then take the small 1.5 inch ribbon that you cut and wrap it around the middle of the bow and the metal bow clip then secure it with even more hot glue.  Once that dries add the metal bracket back to the inside of the bow clip.  BOOM Done!
Simple Bow step by step

Simple Bow step by step

No worries you will get much faster with practice and when you learn it by heart it will come second nature.  Happy Bow Making!