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Purifying Black Peel-Off Mask

Black Purifying Peel-Off Mask


black purifying mask

black purifying mask

Soooooo, have you seen the funny videos of people peeling off this black charcoal mask?  They are hysterical.  When I watched them I thought, “now that it is funny”, but a little theatrical.  Well, the videos are true to the rumors.  WOW!!! did it hurt to remove this mask.  It felt like it pulled out every single hair and skin cell I own.  I definitely had to grit my teeth to get it off. After I got it off of my face though, my pores were smaller, my skin was cleaner and my skin appeared brighter and clearer.  It created instant gratification which makes me extremely happy.  I hate buying skin products that state, “results after 4 weeks”.  I also did NOT post a video of me taking this mask off, you are welcome for that!  It would have been to much and probably very theatrical!

However, with that being said, this mask is absolutely awesome and I vote this is one of the most effective skin masks that I have ever used.  Definitely a recommendation for someone looking for clearer, cleaner skin.

I did not purchase this mask, I received it as a gift for Christmas so I had to do a little research regarding this product. Needless to say it was a great gift, I would not have bought if for myself and I am glad that I am aware of it now.  Sticking with what I am familiar with is my wheel house and  preferably something that does not cause pain would normally be my best good choice.  I decided to give some information on this great skin mask so maybe someone else will test it out and get some instant positive results.

I googled it….. and priced it on Amazon and it is extremely cost effective.  It ranges from 3.00$ to 8.00$.  It showed to be available at Walmart and Target in stock.  (or at least it was at the time I constructed this blog post)

The mask itself is super thick and smells good.  You can apply it with a brush or your hand.  I just used my hand.  I have used this mask several times and it worked best when it was slathered on thick.  I let it set for approximately 20 minutes then it was ready to pull off.  It got really tight and made my face feel super young and super tight. There were a few tid-bits left over after I removed the mask but it washed away easily with water and a face cloth.  Well there it is, for what it is worth, definitely worth a try in my opinion!

black purifying peel-off mask

image of peel off mask

black purifying peel-off mask

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