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Handmade Valentine Treat Bag’s

Valentine Treat Bag
Heart & Scalloped Valentine Treat Bags

This post is for all my Mama’s out there that aren’t so crafty! Don’t have a Cricut, and don’t want one either. Hey, its not for everyone. I’m going to give y’all Mama’s a cheap, cute, and super easy opt out option for this Valentines Day. Everything listed was done completely by hand, no cheating with a cricut or anything that is not listed below. So here is the list and directions.


  1. Brown Paper Sacks (Common, you know you bought an entire pack last month cause somebody needed a throw-away lunch for a field trip)
  2. Scissors (They can totally be last years school round tipped fiskars okay)
  3. Marker (Preferably, Valentine colored but whatever color works)
  4. Small ribbon or twine (sandwich twist ties, rubber bands??)
  5. An Adornment of some sort (I just used a heart themed stamp on colored paper and cut it out by hand)
goodie bag
Option 1 and 2 Template


Step 1. Decide which bag you want to make. Scalloped edge does take the talent of being able to cut half circles. You can see I drew it out so all you have to do is trace it. The heart is super cute as well, less cutting.

Step 2. Once you get your bag cut, take your marker and trace your cut line so it stands out. If you choose the scalloped edge you have to trace the back of the bags edge so when it folds over the color is on the front.

Step 3. Tie your heart or fold your scalloped edge.

Step 4. Leave simple and elegant or add a Valentine sentiment. The foam sticky hearts work too, or just Valentine stickers.

BOOM! Handmade greatness for cheap and makes you look like you know what your doing. Total pro job.

Happy Valentines!