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Cricut Maker Projects

I’M BAAAAAACK!! The last few months have been a tad bit hectic.  I have not had a platform to express my creativity.  So I have had a lot of thought processes and additionally extra time to think and I am ready to unleash it all.  Looking forward to putting some new content out there and today is the day!

My wonderful husband be-gifted me the coveted CRICUT MAKER for Christmas.  We have been in the process of moving so unfortunately, I have been staring at the box for a couple of months.  NOT FUN! Torture is probably a more accurate description!

I opened the box last weekend and I wanted to share with you the first few projects that I created. Ready made projects from design space were super attractive.  I still did not have a ton of time at my disposal and I literally could not wait one more second to test it out.  So there are no tutorials or processes that I am going to share today.  These projects I chose were 100% step by step prompted by Cricut Design Space.

After getting started, I was not disappointed.  It was everything I thought it would be, plus more. Having owned two Cricut machine prior to unboxing this amazing new Cricut Maker.  There was a few differences compared to the Cricut Explore 2.  Its faster, it has amazing new accesorie blades.  The rotary cutter is a game changer.  The double and single scoring wheels are completely awesome. I have not tried out my new knife blade yet, but you can be sure there will be posts to follow featuring that blade.

Rosette Gift Box

Pretty gift box

Homemade gift box from Cricut Design Space

I used the double and single scoring wheel to make this box.  The rosette on top, was the single scoring wheel because the card-stock I used to make the flower was thinner paper.  The box itself was Kraft Board, much denser material almost like chip board but a little easier to work with.  The double scoring wheel was used for this, and the box folded up perfectly.  No stress marks or uneven folds. No guessing, just perfectly pleated lines.

Felt & Material Pennant Banner

Cricut design space pennant banner

Felt and iron on pennant banner


This was my FAVORITE thing I busted out this week.  It is hung on my daughters door on the outside of their room.  A few favorite pictures adorn the banner so when I shut their door I can stare at my favorite people on the planet.  This is made out of felt and iron on material.  I used the rotary blade for the fabrics and it was amazing! You will not believe how easily the cuts came out and it made this project so easy to make.  Extra ribbons were used that I had laying around to finish it off. Eyelets were added on the sides of each fabric to run the long ribbon through to hang.  Absolutely adorable and would make the cutest gift, or decor for any holiday or theme.

Generic Rosette & Donut Birthday Card

Generic Card

Homemade card, Cricut design space

Cricut design space

Donut Worry

If you follow my posts at all you know I am obsessed with cards.  All kinds. All media’s. I like to make a surplus of cards, even when I do not need them.  They are there when the occasion arrises.  Boom, unique hand made love to give out!  Fortunately for me, we had a few events coming up. I used both of these cards this week.  They were both easily constructed in less than 30 minutes.  I didn’t even make it through an entire show on Netflix!

Cannot express how happy I am to begin pumping out new posts,  Hope everyone has a fantastical week, and I would love to see anything anyone has created this week!