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Stamp Platform -Tim Holtz version

Stamp Platform Tim Holtz

2 cards made using the stamp platform pictured with distress oxide inks

Stamping Platform


Stamper?  Want to be stamper?  Part-time stamper?  Obsessive stamper?  If you have more than 6 clear cling stamps or rubber backed stamps (not wooden) you should have a Stamp Platform period.  This is a game changer.  There are a few different ones out on the market, however I only have experience with the Tim Holtz brand and it is AHHMAAZING. I am sure the other ones are awesome also, but I stick to what I know.  This platform is amazing for a few reasons and I will tell you why!  At the end of my post I will upload a video showing you the platform in action for your viewing pleasure.


Layering Inks and Images

Have you ever inked up your stamp and plopped it down with a poor image quality?  Usually it is because the ink was not distributed evenly on the stamp or the pressure was uneven when you put it to paper.  The #1 most amazing thing about the stamp platform is that you can ink up your stamp and stamp in the same exact place as many times as you need to.  The platform keeps the stamp and paper in the exact same place every time.  It makes it possible to layer ink on top of each other, make super rich images, and purposely rearrange  your stamps for multi-layering effects with precision.  In the demo that I made I used distress oxide inks.  I do not always use distress oxide for stamping, but they are still new to me and I am using them on every project that I can at the moment.  They are on my brain and I am always thinking of things that I want to try with them.  All inks and mediums that go well with stamps work with the platform.


Little bit of Information

The platform top is acrylic so all of your stamps stick to the top lid.  The lid takes the place of your acrylic blocks that are typically used with rubber and clear cling stamps.  There are 2 sides to the acrylic top.  One side says CLEAR and the other side says RUBBER.  The top pops out when in the 90 degree position and you just change it around.  The platform comes with 2 magnets that hold your paper in place, these are powerful magnets and they do an awesome job at keeping your paper secure.  You will actually place the stamp with the correct side on the paper where you want it to go.  Then when you close your lid it picks up the stamp and you apply the ink when it is attached to the lid.  Apply the ink, then shut the lid again, apply more ink shut the lid again.  You can also add all of the stamps that you want at one time.  I like doing a little at a time because I will layer and layer until I have a very busy full image.


Regardless this is an absolute neccesity for someone that would be using stamps on a consistent basis.  I use this to place sentiments in an exact spot on a project or card.  You can monogram with it, I add my kids names to things with it.  I love it.  Please check out the video!  I used Hampton Art Flower Stamp Set in the video.


Video example:

Cards/Distress Oxide Technique

Original creation Distress Oxide Cards

Personalized cards and one of a kind backgrounds are my JAAAM. I love to create special things from the heart to incorporate in gifts or special thank-you’s for the people in my life.

One of the things that I like to do,to de-stress or unwind, is to sit down and make a stock of usable backgrounds for various projects.  They are so versatile and you can incorporate them in almost any project.  Scrapbooking, card making, tags, the list is infinite.

Mixed media has always been one of my go-to projects.  It is very forgiving and for a novice crafter or someone who doesn’t feel very confident in creating, this is a perfect option because your skills do NOT have to be perfect.  You literally cannot mess a Distress Oxide mixed media project up.  That is a beautiful thing my friend!!!!

Tim Holtz and Ranger Distress Oxide Inks are a very versatile pigment and I am going to show you a very basic, simplistic method to get going with these water reactive inks.  There are many, many videos out on Distress Oxide Inks but I did a 55 second video to show you one of the most popular methods of creating mixed media back grounds.

The cards I featured in the top of this post where a bit more complex but the majority of them started out with this basic method and then I incorporated some more advanced techniques.  I will be posting more videos showcasing these techniques but for the beginner, that wants to start a project NOW to get some basic backgrounds, this technique will be perfectly fine!

Supplies used for the following video:

  1.  2 Distress Oxide colors.  Peacock Feather and Broken China. Approximately 6.00 each (I only did 2 layers in this video.  I would probably incorporate other colors for the 3rd and 4th layer)  If you only invested in two colors then you could absolutely use 2 colors throughout all of your layering processes and will still get a dimensional mixed media look.
  2. You will need a cardstock, I used watercolor because it can hold the water well.  You will also need a surface for the ink.  You can use taped down wax paper if you do not have a mat, you can also use a glass surface like a large picture frame or a glass table.
  3. You will need a water source.  Any spray bottle works.  I like the mini pulverizador from ranger ink.
  4. I used a heat gun in the video for time purposes but that is not necessary, you also can use a regular hair dryer or just wait on the ink to dry between layers.