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DIY Washer Necklace

Softball Washer Necklace

Softball washer necklace

Softball washer necklace

This Softball washer necklace is adorable and was exactly what I was looking to gift to my daughters softball team for the end of the season.  This is always my favorite thing when my kids are involved in activities, I like to commemorate all the hard work, friendships, and memories with a little something to remember the moment with.

I plugged in the dimensions of the washer to my Cricut and created a template to cut out all of the paper coverings that I used, you can totally do this by hand, it will just take you an extra step-No Bigs!

Softball washer necklace supplies used

  1.  String or cord
  2. Washers-I picked these up at the local Home Depot
  3. Beads
  4. Scissors and Lighter
  5. The paper for the design you want on the top of the necklace
  6. Spray paint color of choice
  7. Glossy Accents
  8. Mod Podge and paint brush

Step 1

Softball washer necklace

Softball washer necklace

If you are using your Cricut to make this softball washer necklace then you will not need to save a washer but if you are cutting the template out by hand you will need to keep a washer to trace onto your paper.  Trace the number of covers that you will need depending on how many necklaces that you are creating.

You will want to spray paint both sides of the washer with your spray paint of choice.  When allowing for dry time this step usually takes a couple of hours.  I picked up a cheap can of white non-glossy spray paint from Home Depot for around 3.00.

While waiting for my washers to dry, I went ahead and designed my washer template in Cricut Design Space.  If you are tracing your washers and cutting them out by hand you could begin this process because it will take you some additional time to trace and hand cut all of the washer covers.

Step 2

Softball theme washer cover

Softball theme washer cover

Once your washers are dry and you have cut out all of your decorative covers then you will add a layer of mod podge directly to the top of the washers with a paint brush.

You will then lay the paper cover on top and smooth down with your finger, rub all around the paper and make sure it is secure to the Mod Podge underneath.  Then take your paint brush and put another coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper adhered to the washer.  Then let them all dry.

Step 3

Glossy Accent Step

Glossy Accent Step

When your Mod Podge is dry on your washers then you can add your Glossy Accent liquid.  This will give your washer a dimensional clear coat that makes a clear, soft, bubble over the paper.  I think this finishes up the necklace and gives it a professional feel. This step does require a couple hours of dry time.  So if your wanting a quick project you can omit this step.

Step 4

Lastly, you will add your cord, I bought a large spool of cord that I had to cut so I had to burn the ends with a lighter to keep them from unraveling.  I also felt that putting a bead at the top of these necklaces was a cute accessory, but you can also skip that embellishment if you do not have beads on hand.

That is it, a simple, pretty necklace that I added to their snack bags.  Making these necklaces were fun and gave all of the girls a little gift for their dedication to the season.