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DIY-Gel Nail

Red Carpet Gel color

Red Carpet Gel color in light pink from Ulta

DIY-Gel Nails

Ladies, if your a regular at the Nail Salon you know how expensive it can be to upkeep Gel Nails on a weekly basis.  Aside from the expense, finding an extra hour in my week every week can be quite the challenge.

A few years ago I purchased a Melody Susie LED gel nail lamp for 27.00$ and it transformed my nail game!  It did take a small investment up front but after the first few times I did my nails it totally paid for itself and now that I have been using it for so long it has been 100x worth the investment. Plus I always get compliments on my nails and nail color.

LED Gel light

LED light for gel polish

Few basic things you need to get started

Obviously you need the LED light which was posted above.  Secondly you need a foundation and Top coat.  I buy the Gelish brand off of Amazon and together they are 19.00$.  They last forever.  I have only bought the set twice and I have done my nails 50+ times maybe more, so it is safe to say that they go a long way.  My nails are always did!

Colors, colors, all the colors!!!  Gel polish is the way to go.  It makes your nails stronger and protects them from breakage.  It also gives your nail a professional finish which I love.  You do not have to be a perfect nail painter because the top coat melts it all together into a smooth shiny surface.  Unless you use a matte top coat and you have a beautiful matte finish.

I have used Gelish gel color for the last few years but recently I have fell in love with and Ulta brand called Red Carpet.  They run around 9.00$ each but again, they last a long time.  They come in small bottles but they do not seem to get old or go bad.  I still can use the very first nail color that I purchased 3 years ago.

Basic Acetone will be needed as well because once the color has been set with the LED then you will wipe your nails with acetone and bam you are ready to go!

Red Carpet and Gelish brand Gel color

Red Carpet brand Gel polish from Ulta and Gelish brand Gel color off of Amazon

Base coat and top coat for gel nails

Gelish brand base and top coat for Gel Nails


Easy Directions

  1. File or clip your nails down to your liking, I also clip my cuticles and maybe change the shape of my nail depending on how long my nails are.
  2. Add your foundation coat to one entire hand.  Set your LED light to the 2 minute setting, there are only 2 settings and I like the 2 minute setting vs the 3 minute setting for time sake.  This will take 2 min to set the foundations.
  3. Next add your color coat then you will LED set this coat.  I repeat it again for a second coat of color and also LED set that coat as well.
  4. Lastly, you will add your top coat and LED set that one, once this coat is done you will take your acetone and rub each nail with acetone soaked cotton ball.  BOOM done and perfectly dry and ready to go, no worry about messing up your nails at this point they are fully set and ready to tackle anything you can throw at them!
  5. Repeat all above steps for the other hand.
  6. It takes about 10 minutes a hand, sometimes longer if your a slow painter but totally worth it!

When you are tired of the color or they start to peel, all you do is peel the color off.  It typically will come off in one piece and there is no damage to the nail underneath.  They sell chemicals that will take it off but I have never had any issues with peeling the color off organically.  Depending on if I have cleaned with chemicals, because that seems to weaken the polish sometimes, my nails will last a week or longer.  I re-do them immediately when I peel the old color off.

Happy Nail Painting!