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Mod-Podge Coasters

Modge Podge Coaster

Drink Coaster

Aghhhhhhh these are so awesome.  One of my favorite gifts to handmake and give!  These DIY coasters are simple and fun and are super easy to make several at a time.  I have a few different varieties that I use at work and in my craft room. I use them to set my drinks down on or my hot glue gun.  When I look at them, they make me happy.  It is the little things sometimes!  Hopefully you can make a few and give them out to your friends or keep them for yourself and bring yourself or someone else a little joy to the day.  Checkout the steps below to easily make your own creations.

I cut paper into 4×4 squares and they fit well with a perfect white border that gives the coaster a clean look.

  1. First I cut the paper to 4×4 squares with a paper cutter.
    paper cutter

    4×4 trimmed paper

    2. Then, I took a ceramic coaster and applied a thin layer of modge podge onto the coaster.

    3.  I put another thin layer of mod podge onto the back side of the 4×4 paper.

4.  Next I lined up the paper where I wanted it to sit onto the coaster and then smoothed it down and coated the top of the paper with a foam brush to smooth out the air bubbles.  I let it dry and then completed a few more coats of mod podge onto the coaster in between dry time. Easy Peasy!