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Get Creative with Paints & Stones

LOVE! THESE & They are so much fun to create!

There is something about creating these rocks that makes me so Happy!  Lately I have been creating them and giving them out as gifts.  Mostly with people I work with, but I spend more time with those wonderful women that I do at my own home so they always pop into my head when I think of making something for someone else.

Using a black rock gives you a very forgiving background.  Black pops with the lighter colors and it really makes your images stand out.  I have painted on light and dark rocks and I prefer using the dark rocks there is a very satisfying feeling when your done with the rock.  I used regular acrylic paint on these.  I mix matched indoor and outdoor paint then I put on a coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint.  It left the rocks with a glossy sheen that really complimented the colors.