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Custom Bleached Leopard Print unique T-shirt
Fun T-Shirt

Unique T-shirts are kind of addicting. This year has been a little out of the normal for me. For that matter actually, the last 2 years have been a tad unorganized. However, I am still over here trying to kill it. Creating and growing just a little slower than my usual progression. I have been busting out custom shirts for awhile now but it has not been anything that I really advertised. I wanted to step up my game a little bit.

I had been using Vinyl for all the shirts that I was making and it is a bit tedious for some jobs. Even when using Cricuts infusible ink, you still have to cut out the images and wheed it and then you still run into the issue of having to use a singular color or singular patterned images. There is a time and place for vinyl and I still LOVE it, but I definitely wanted to venture out a bit.

I began using Sublimination Ink. It uses similar properties as an infusible ink. You heat press it on to the fabric and it sets the ink permanently into the material. I am loving it! The images and colors are beautiful, and it definitely creates the Unique T-Shirts that I was shooting for. The only roadblock is that you need to use shirts that have a larger ratio of polyester vs cotton. I haven’t been too disappointed so far though!


Bleached out Heather Gray Soft Spun with Sublimination

Softball Mama Unique T-shirt
Softball Mama T-shirt